6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Big Game

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Big Game

At Major League Vacations, we understand the adrenaline rush and excitement that comes from watching your favorite team take to the field and trounce the opposing team. This is why our sports travel agency pulls out all the stops to get our customers to a variety of major sporting events including Philadelphia Eagles away games. If you’re a player, though, you know you want to be and do your best when you’re on the playing field.

Whatever sport you play, it all comes down to doing your best during the big games that can lead to championships as well as the championship games themselves. This is what all the training and practice throughout the season is about, so you can come as close to perfecting your game as humanly possible. The competition you engage in while playing sports teaches you important life lessons in not giving up and always striving to do your best. Big games are the most exciting because there’s so much on the line, and it’s hard to beat the exhilarating feeling you get from winning them. The following are a few tips that can help you triumph in these big games.

Get Enough Sleep

Without sufficient sleep, performing your best at almost any task is nearly impossible. This fact is even more keenly felt in competitive athletics where you have to be at your best to have a decent chance of beating a good opposing team. Even if you’re excited about the big game the next day, try to get eight hours of sleep the night before.


Visualization has long been a powerful tool in preparing to do your best in competitive sports. Mentally seeing yourself taking the best shot possible or blocking the opposing players as best you can helps to reduce your performance anxiety. The greats such as Muhammed Ali and Billie Jean King have used visualization to prepare themselves to do their best before big fights or matches. It basically connects your mind to your body in getting ready for performing optimally and should be a part of your nightly regimen before a big game.

Develop a Successful Routine

A particular routine that you find helpful can get you in the zone before a big game. Having a ritual that gets you focused and “in the moment” before each game can also make you immune to distractions that might reduce your performance.

Your Diet

Diet affects everyone’s life in either a positive or negative way, but this is especially critical for competitive athletes. If you eat heavy or greasy food within a couple of hours before a game, how can you hope to do good with that weighing you down? Avoid large meals within a few hours of playing, and stick to healthy carbs for maximum endurance and performance.

Stretching Before and After

You are an asset to your team, and being sidelined by injury costs them that asset until you heal. Stretching before a game is one of the best ways to avoid injuries that can be caused by tight muscles. Remember that stretching will do more for you when your muscles are already warm and that you should stretch afterward as well.

Inspiration From Your Coach

Talk to your coach, and make sure you know what they expect of you, and ask for advice that can help you to do any better. If you’re lucky, your coach will be proactive at this so you won’t have to come to and ask them.

Major League Vacations Brings You Your Favorite Events

Following the tips above can help you do your best at whatever sport you play. If one of your enjoyable pastimes is watching your favorite athletes play their games, you’ll want to know more about Major League Vacations. Our sports travel agency has Philadelphia Eagles away game packages as well as travel packages to a variety of other sporting events. Our sport-cations can immeasurably increase your enjoyment of your favorite team while they’re putting the above tips into practice to tear up their competition on the field.