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A Guide To Canadian Sports Team Playing In US Leagues

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Canada’s proud sporting nation has some of the world’s most gifted sports stars and a whole host – from hockey to lacrosse; sport is a big deal there. When visiting Canada, it isn’t hard for any fan who loves their team(s) and enjoys intense games! There are far too many great teams that could be included in this guide; however, we hope you’ll find these introductory insights into Canadian Sports Teams helpful as inspiration when planning your next getaway across The Great White North.

Hockey Teams

Ice hockey is a fierce game, fast-paced, and boasts some of the most passionate fans in all sports. As far as teams go, there are currently seven from Canada, with four being partly owned by NHL franchises elsewhere around North America, while another three compete professionally outside their home country but are still under an ownership structure that allows them to use local player payrolls, which makes things more accessible for those who might not have money readily available when playing abroad.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the most successful franchises in NHL history, with two Stanley Cup wins. Founded in 1917, they’re worth a whopping $1 billion more than any other team on earth! Playing out off home ice at Air Canada Centre, where tickets can be purchased online before each game or during sales periods when available – visitors will get to see some fierce rivalries between Montreal & Ottawa as well, considering how much hate there is between those cities’ hockey fans- it truly makes for an exciting time.

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are one of Canada’s most famous hockey teams, and they play against other incredibly skilled players to get their chance at winning Stanley Cups. The team was founded when it first started playing professional ice hockey for an impressive 16 out 20 playoffs. That wasn’t enough until 2007 when they finally claimed victory with ease after losing only two games all series long!

Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are one of Canada’s best-loved NHL teams. Founded in 1909, they have 24 Stanley Cups to their name and are known by fans as ‘the Habs’. The longest continually operating ice hockey team in world history with over 100 seasons under its belt; predating even the creation of what would become North America’s premier league -The National Hockey League (NHL). They’ve been playing home games at Bell Centre since 1996 when it replaced Molson Dryden arena after moving from there last decade due close capacity issues caused largely because more people were wanting tickets then supply could satisfy–and yet still managed come out on top: capturing another championship title together just two years ago!

Baseball Teams

There are a number of different types and versions of baseball in North America. The most popular, MLB is comprised by two leagues with 30 teams split between them who play out an annual schedule that spans from March to October (or November). Canadian fans will be excited knowing their favorite team -the Toronto Blue Jays- competes at this level!

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s only representative in Major League Baseball, playing their game as part of the American league’s East Division. The team was established back in 1977 and has been tremendously successful historically; they’ve won five division titles over nine seasons between 1985-1993 with three coming within two years 1991 – 1993 which also saw them capturing World Series crowns both times against USA opponents (1992 & 1993).

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