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How Far in Advance Should I Plan a Trip to an International Event?

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Regardless of whether your idea of a dream sports vacation includes The Kentucky Derby, your favorite NFL or MLB team, or catching the Final Four, you know that planning is involved. Going to a major sporting event or a championship tops many a bucket list.  

Some of the many things you’ll have to think about include how long you’ll stay in the location, where you’ll stay, and what else you’ll do while you’re there. Planning everything can be a chore, which is what makes sporting event travel packages so popular if you’re planning that sporting event trip of a lifetime. 

As sports travel planners, we know how to plan these trips and have a fun time doing so. We can help you get Patriots travel packages, or Eagles travel packages with the best options for game tickets, hotels, and flights. 


When’s the Best Time to Get Tickets? 

The timeframe for buying NFL football vacation packages and similar sporting event travel packages varies, but starting your planning a year ahead is a good idea. Ticket sales take place in rounds, with the best picks available within the first round of sales. Following social media accounts for the league or the event is the best way to find out when tickets will be available. 


When Should I Book My Flight? 

Booking a flight as far in advance as possible is ideal, but you should make sure you already have the event tickets. When you book well in advance of the event, you are going to be more likely to have a better choice of flights. Using a sports travel agency, and adding flights to your package will help give you a better selection. 


What About Booking my Hotel? 

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to consider reserving your room four to twelve months ahead of the event. The higher the demand for the event, especially for playoffs and finals, the harder it is to get good tickets. Sports travel companies can help you make sure everything gets booked on time. 


How Do I Book Travel Packages?  

Our Travel Concierge tour professionals at Major League Vacations can help you get set up with NFL travel packages, as well as packages for the NBA, MLB, NHL, and other sporting event types. We can start our preparations as far enough in advance as possible to make sure you have the best tickets for everything. Even if your plans are more last-minute than anything, we can still do the work to take the hassle out of your preparations. 

Deciding how far in advance you need to book will depend on many factors, making this a question with an answer that depends on the circumstances. However, our sports vacation pros are here to help, no matter what event you’re attending.

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