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The Ultimate Baltimore Ravens Fan Guide

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One of the most exciting times of the year is in the fall when die-hard fans of the Baltimore Ravens emerge and dress head to toe in royal purple. When the colors of the leaves start to turn orange and the humidity dissipates, it’s time to begin following the Ravens and showing support. Many sports bars begin blasting “Seven Nation Army” as people group together to watch every game on Monday nights. Although the Ravens may have plenty of talent, the fans have made them into a respected team due to how well the team has been embraced.

The Ravens VP admits that Baltimore doesn’t always have the best reputation, but the pride of the residents in the city is what makes them stand out. When other stadiums throughout the country are half full of fans, the M&T Bank Stadium is always packed as the fans make their attendance and support a top priority and a way of life.

One of the residents of Kingsville, Lauren Mueller, used to attend Colts games and ride her bicycle to the stadium. Once the team left, the community was in shock. This allowed them to immediately become Ravens fans and take it to the next level. The community even has a fan club called the Chamber of Ravens Nests. The group frequently hosts fundraisers and events in the city, allowing fans to mingle and share in their comradery with the football team. This makes it easy always to find someone to enjoy watching a Baltimores game with and share your love of the team.

Lauren Mueller, Known as “Crabby Patty”

Lauren Mueller is one of the most recognizable Ravens fans because she’s known for dressing like a hon with a dramatic look complete with a beehive and vintage cat-eye sunglasses. She was invited to participate in the Bel Air parade, which prompted her to start the RavHons, a group of die-hard fans that can be found greeting attendees at the games. They want Baltimore to be known as a friendly and welcoming city. She also enjoys seeing the marching band perform, spending time at the firehouse near Lot N, and sipping delicious cherry bombs.

She believes that when everyone is watching the game, no one is thinking about their race or differences; they’re just fans watching two teams compete.

Wes Henson, Known as “Captain Dee-Fense”

Wes Henson, known as “Captain Dee-Fense,” is a well-known Raven fan who has a spot in the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame. He spends his time at bar mitzvahs and weddings and speaking at multiple graduation ceremonies. After serving in the Navy for 24 years, he shows off the different military branches while wearing a jersey to the game.

Henson understands that the fans are the ones who continue to stick around, even as the players on the Ravens team change. His charity work and charismatic spirit have made him an inspiration to other fans. He’s had the opportunity to meet Ray Lewis, a rookie, and told a child that the Ravens would be making a comeback when they were losing by three, which is when they competed more fiercely and won the game.

He has a tradition of getting an apple pie and a cup of coffee while driving to every game from his home in Maryland, which he’s been doing since 1996.

Dan Granofsky, Known as “Real Fan Dan”

Real Fan Dan is known by most Ravens fans because he always appears on the jumbotron when the team scores a touchdown. He uses his legs and arms to spell out the team’s name and doesn’t always have his shirt on when he’s entertaining the crowds. He knows his belly is what makes everyone go wild when he’s putting on a show.

Granofsky began attending the game when he invested in season tickets in 1998 when the team moved to M&T Bank Stadium. This is where he also met his future wife. Today, they continue to sit in the same seats, two rows apart from each other, while watching the game.

He began putting on a show for the crowds when he was disappointed with the lack of noise and enthusiasm. He decided to tear his shirt off as a way to get the crowd to go wild, and it worked. When the Ravens competed against Jacksonville on December 14, 2014, he performed his routine, which encouraged 70,000 other people to join in on the fun.

He continues to make an appearance for the last two seasons and enjoys the fun that comes with getting the crowd to make some noise as a way to support the football team.

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