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Five Reasons to Experience Qatar Just in Time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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Does Qatar make the cut for the list of places you want to visit on the globe? It might once you learn some cool things about Qatar that only those who have visited this amazing Arab country where arid desert meets a lush gulf shoreline. Beauty abounds in the land of Bedouins. This is a place of glittery hotels, next-level skyscrapers, amazing dunes, mangrove-lined islands, incredible exhibits, and over-the-tops shows of wealth. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia. The rest of the country is bordered by the vastness of the Persian Gulf.

While Qatar makes history for a number of reasons, this Persian metropolis will catapult into history in an entirely new way in 2022 when it steps up to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar will be the first Muslim and Arab country to ever host the event. People from around the globe are already excitedly making their plans to jet to Qatar for the big event because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to experience sports history in the making. If you’re thinking of making the trip for the big event, take a look at five cool facts about Qatar that will cut out any doubt that you need to be there!

1. Amazing Hospitality

Qatar is a truly glitzy and glamorous location that surpasses any other “resort” spot on the globe in terms of hospitality. The country’s resorts and hotels routinely accommodate visitors from all over the globe. Expect to be pampered with the finest Arabic coffee, delicious sweets, world-class meals, and so much more when you arrive for your trip. There’s also no need to worry about language barriers. While Arabic is the most popular language spoken in Qatar, English comes in at a close second. Many people who work in the hospitality industry in Qatar are fluent in English.

No place quite puts Qatar’s hospitality on display like Souq Waqif. This classic marketplace in the heart of Doha is where tourists can shop from a collection of vendors selling souvenirs, crafts, spices, treats, traditional garments, and much more. Visitors will also find amazing restaurants at the marketplace serving up traditional machboos full of spiced rice with richly marinated chicken, beef, lamb, camel, or fish.

2. Jaw-Dropping Resorts

Qatar’s resorts are in a class of their own. These amazing resorts pull out all the stops in terms of elaborate themes, luxurious touches, and responsive service to ensure that guests are fully comfortable at every turn. Many have also been built to be architectural stunners that seem to defy gravity! Many of the best resorts in Qatar are seaside resorts that provide beach access with incredible views. In addition, guests of waterfront resorts in Qatar enjoy easy access to an incredible landmark called the Doha Corniche. A waterfront promenade stretching out over 4 miles, the gorgeous Doha Corniche opens up to views of Doha Bay in the capital city of Doha. In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, this promenade is also the place where the city’s big sports and cultural events are held.

3. Beaches, Islands, and Water Sports

The crystalline waters hugging Qatar’s coast make this a dreamlike destination for anyone who loves traveling to exotic beach destinations. For nature lovers, the rich marine life in the waters off the coast of Qatar provide a source of endless fascination. Qatar is home to more than 500 species of fish. Among the most commonly spotted creatures are the blackspot snapper, yellowbar angelfish, lizard fish, sweetlips, rabbit fish, sharks, rays, and threadfins.

While some beaches of Qatar can be reached by foot, others are situated on islands in the Persian Gulf. These islands are reachable from ports in mainland Qatar using relatively short boat rides. The list of the best beaches to explore while visiting Qatar include Banana Island, Khor Al Adaid, Al Thakhira Beach, Fuwairit Beach, and Zekreet Beach. Yes, there’s even a massive artificial island called Pearl Island. The tropical continental climate of the Persian Gulf makes Qatar an amazing destination for beach lovers. Qatar’s beaches offer luxurious sand that feels warm against bare feet. While the water is usually a shade of clear turquoise, green hues will paint the tides for days after a dust storm rolls through.

Water sports are incredibly popular in Qatar. In fact, many people from around the world come here specifically for the incredible sportfishing opportunities. Others jump at the chance to enjoy excursions that involve trips on row boats, water skiing, kitesurfing, and paragliding. Yes, you can even do some scuba diving among coral reefs and old shipwrecks under the guidance of trained diving instructors.

4. Historical Sites, Castles, and Other Treasures for History Buffs

While Qatar’s modern flashiness often gets all the attention, the fact remains that Qatar is a history lover’s dream! Qatar is actually a top global destination for lovers of history, art, and archeology. One highlight of Qatar’s rich cultural tapestry is the Al Zubarah Archaeological Site. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, this walled coastal town that was founded by merchants from Kuwait was a trading center for merchants from throughout Arabia and Western Asia. The site’s streets, courtyard, huts, mosques, and palaces have all been preserved by high sands blown in on desert winds. Some other top attractions for people interested in historical and archeological attractions in Qatar include Katara Cultural Village, Souq Waqif, and the Museum of Islamic Art. For those interested in the country’s military history, spots like Doha Fort, Barzan Towers and Umm Salal Fort should all be on the itinerary.

5. Opportunities for Fun in the Desert

Private deserts safaris and dune rides make Qatar holidays unforgettable. It’s possible to book everything from a few hours to a few nights out in the endless desert under the tutelage of experienced Bedouins. Many tour operators offer buggy rides through the dunes that leave you feeling like you’re surfing the desert landscape! In addition to fun rides through the dunes, visitors can choose to enjoy camel rides. It’s even possible to camp under the Arabian sky in the comfort of a true Bedouin tent. These all-inclusive camping trips often include educational lessons, amazing feasts, entertainment, and more. The real treat is waking up early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the endless desert dunes.

If the goal is to see the most beautiful stretch of desert in the world, a trip to Khor Al Udayd is necessary. Known as the “Inland Sea” due to its rare ecosystem, Khor Al Udayd is a UNESCO-designated natural reserve with a winding channel that opens into a lush lagoon among high white-sand hills. Another great spot for desert rarities is a quarry area called Al Jassasiya that is peppered with mysterious petroglyphs and rock carvings. Plan for plenty of time to make your way through the formations because there are nearly 1,000 images etched into the desert stones of Al Jassasiya in total.

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