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Major League Vacations is a travel company in the Philadelphia tri-state area like no other. While we offer an array of different travel packages and services, we specialize in sports-related travel experiences that we’ve dubbed “sports-cations.” These are customized sporting travel events that are developed and executed according to the experience you are trying to achieve. We get you the best possible experience in the course of placing you at the sporting event of your choice within your budget.

We can set up these sports-cations as individual or group events. They can also be organized for games at local, regional, national or international locations. The variety of sporting events we can set travel packages up for will amaze you. We’ll arrange a trip for collegiate, non-collegiate or professional level games. Whether you want to go across your state or across the country with one or 100 attendees, we’ll get it organized for you. You can choose to go to baseball, hockey, basketball, golf or football games as well as horse, bicycle, truck and automotive racing events.

Our founder, Al Cataline, has over 20 years of experience in this industry. He is a graduate of Duquesne University and the Wilma Boyd School of Travel. He is also a member of numerous professional associations having to do with the travel and lodging industries. Major League Vacations acts as a broker in getting you the best prices for air, charter bus and game tickets as well as the best rates on top-notch accommodations centrally located in the city where your event is happening. We hope to count you among our extensive list of long-time clients who rave about the service excellence we provide.

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