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What to Expect From the Baltimore Orioles in Spring Training

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The Baltimore Orioles are one of the top teams in the MLB and are a part of the American East division. The team was founded in 1954 and was named the 18th most valuable team in the league by Forbes. They’re also the 19th most-liked baseball team on Facebook after acquiring 1.24 million likes by Facebook users. They’re a part of the Grapefruit team during spring training.

The team is known for winning the World Series three times and has had a few famous players, which include Cal Ripken Jr., Jim Palmer, and Brooks Robinson. They’re considered to be America’s team and have exceeded expectations in recent years with their continued success.

At one point, the Orioles were close to not existing. Before the team moved to Baltimore in 1954, they were previously known as the St. Louis Browns. They played alongside the St. Louis Cardinals in the same city from 1902 to 1953. During this time, they played second to the Cardinals before obtaining a deal that made them the top dogs in Los Angeles for the 1942 season. The city of Los Angeles guaranteed the team would immediately acquire 500,000 new fans after their move.

The team played at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles and was supposed to be called the Los Angeles Browns as they planned to become the official MLB team of the city on December 8, 1941. When Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, the plans were interrupted when the U.S. immediately went to war with Germany.

In 1953, the team moved to Baltimore and was named the Orioles. By 1966, they won the World Series after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in a four-game sweep. In 1969, the Orioles made another appearance in the World Series but lost to the New York Mets.

Their next appearance in the World Series was in 1970, but they lost. They continued to lose the World Series in 1971 and 1979.

In the 1980s, several of the players achieved heightened success on the team, allowing the Orioles to win the World Series in 1983. This is around the time that Cal Ripken became Iron Man once he passed Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak and record.

The Current Team

Currently, the Baltimore Orioles are replenishing their farm system in hopes of winning the World Series again. They’re currently rebuilding the team and have solid players that include Adley Rutschman. Rutschman has the third most home runs in history, following Josh Rutledge and Babe Ruth. For a rookie catcher, he has above-average hitting numbers. He played premium positions in his rookie season, making him the top catcher in the MLB.

There are also notable players who are newer to the team and are younger. Ryan Mountcastle, Dean Kremer, Kyle Bradish, and Cedric Mullins are some of the main players that are known for leading the team. There was a chance Mountcastle could have become Rookie of the Year after hitting 31 home runs. Many people considered him to be American League’s most impressive rookie. Austin Hays is also a solid corner outfielder that has strengthened the team.

New Faces

Some of the most recent players the Baltimore Orioles recently picked up include Anthony Bemboom, who came from the Norfolk Tides. It’s not likely that the team will retain Matt Harvey and Fernando Abad. Right-handers Seth Johnson and Chayce McDermott are new additions to the team after the Orioles traded Trey Mancini. Johnson has an excellent reputation in the MLB and was the fourth-ranked prospect in Tampa, Florida.

Both of the new players help strengthen the farm system of the team. It’s unlikely that Johnson will pitch until 2024 due to a torn UCL and a scheduled surgery he’ll undergo in the near future.

As the team works hard to improve its pitching, there’s a high risk that a veteran pitcher can return to increase the team’s wins. It’s also possible that Austin Hays will be traded due to the young outfield talent that has recently been added.

Returning players

Manager Brandon Hyde has returned to the Orioles in 2022 as the team works hard to rebuild their team. Other people who are expected to eventually return include Trey Mancini and possibly Jayden Murray. The players that won’t be returning to the team include Robinson Chirinos, who was added to be the mentor to Adley Rutschman.

The Spring Training Schedule

Each year, the Baltimore Orioles release their training schedule, allowing fans to watch live baseball and attend any of their practices or preseason games at Ed Smith Stadium in the months leading up to opening day. Practice starts in the middle of Feruary before preseason games are hosted in March.

Ed Smith Stadium sits on 53 acres and includes four and a half practice fields. The premier baseball facility was recently renovated in 2010 and has a classic baseball style that is nostalgic for many lifelong Orioles fans. The stadium has a seating capacity of 7,500 seats.

Sarasota is a well-known spot for spring training, which has been hosted for over 100 years in the city at locations like Payne Park. The Chicago White Sox previously held their spring training practices at Ed Smith Stadium, which first opened its doors in 1989. The White Sox left the facility in 1998 when they moved their spring operations to Arizona. Although it was originally an outdated and small facility, it’s now one of the top complexes in the Grapefruit League after the Orioles partnered with the city of Sarasota to transform and expand the site.

Fans from throughout the U.S. travel to Sarasota each year and enjoy the intimacy of the ballpark as they attend spring training. This makes it easy to sit close to the action and feel a part of the fast-paced movement of the ball and players. The small footprint of the complex also makes it easy to navigate and get around with each visit.

Some of the previous places where the Baltimore Orioles have held spring training include Anaheim, Baton Rouge, Yuma, Houston, St. Petersburg, and Waco.


Although the preseason games don’t contribute to the players’ stats, it still gives the Orioles a chance to get comfortable being on the field again after an extended break. It’s also a time when fans have the chance to sit in the stands and get an idea of how well the team may perform in the coming season. The games start mid-March after the team has had time to practice in the first month of spring training.


Each day of spring training involves practices where the Baltimore Orioles spend time working on their pitches, swings, and speed at Ed Smith Stadium. The practices are open to the public and begin mid-February. The practices are known to be much more casual and laidback, which can be fun and more personal for fans who want to have a unique experience.


The Baltimore Orioles are looking to have a successful spring training as they prepare for a solid season by remaining competitive in the MLB. Not only will they get the chance to improve their physical fitness and agility during spring training, but it’s also a time when they can interact with their fans.

The Baltimore Orioles will be working hard to prepare for the upcoming season throughout spring training as they continue to remain committed to teamwork and increasing their skills on the field. Every exercise, drill, and preseason game can help the players one step closer to being fully prepared for every game throughout the season, giving them another chance to win the World Series. The Oriole’s excellent farm system gives the team a competitive edge in the MLB, which has been strengthened after Johnson and McDermott were recently acquired.

Spring training is when the Orioles will get a chance to determine how their recent roster changes in the offseason will impact their performance and if it can help them to make it to the playoffs. During the offseason, they turned into a top contender after making a comeback from their compromised performance in 2021.

After years of drafting at the top of each draft, they now have a solid blend of quantity and quality with their prospects. Some of their top players are well-known position players and will play a large role in the coming years. They continue to hold fast to the rebuild idea as they’re ready to launch into contending mode.

The fans will be able to see them in action during this time and enjoy a high level of entertainment at a lower cost than what it costs to obtain tickets to games during the season. The Orioles are known for signing autographs and taking photos with fans during spring training, whether they’re performing drills on the field or competing in a preseason game. It’s a chance for fans to see their favorite players out on the field while also exploring the local area of Sarasota, Florida when they’re not spending time at Ed Smith Stadium.

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