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Ranking NFL Fanbases: Can You Guess Which Fanbases Dominate With Fervor and Fury?

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Are you ready to talk fanbases? Fandom goes along with a love of sports. However, some fanbases go farther than others when it comes to cheering from the stands. Nobody can blame fans for taking their passion for the game seriously. After all, each season is an emotional roller coaster of defeats, injuries, and the sweetest victories. That’s why taking an objective look at NFL fanbases to rank just how deeply the team spirit runs is always fun. Take a look at the rankings of all 32 NFL fan bases.

32. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are definitely eclipsed by the UGA Bulldogs. However, it’s surprising that fans can’t find the energy to love both a college team and a pro team. Even the show-stopping Mercedes-Benz Stadium stadium isn’t enough to inspire more fans to graduate to the pros. The last time Atlanta even came close to the Super Bowl was 2017.

31. Los Angeles Rams

It’s pretty shocking that one of the largest population bases in the country can’t even fill seats at Rams home games. Yes, this is Lakers/Dodgers country. However, it’s still depressing that the Rams don’t get the love shown to teams in other leagues.

30. Miami Dolphins

Miami fans don’t always come across as passionate about their team. It might have something to do with the mediocre performance of the past few seasons. Has it really been since 2016 that the Fish made the playoffs? While loving this team isn’t a day at the beach, a devoted core keeps things alive.

29. Arizona Cardinals

Let’s be honest. It took a while for Cardinals fandom to take flight. However, things really got off the ground once the new Glendale stadium was built. Next came the big division wins. Super Bowl XLIII was a real watershed moment for fans because the Cardinals were a hair away from beating the Steelers. While Cardinals fans might not flap their wings as loudly as some other devotees, we can consider this is a fandom on the rise.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’re already at the second Florida team to rank near the bottom for fan spirit. Truthfully, the arrival of Tom Brady did infuse some energy into the fanbase. However, it hasn’t been enough to propel the fandom ranking of the team beyond clicks and headlines. Time will tell if true devotions will inspire fans to fill seats that are often empty at those hot and humid home games.

27. Houston Texans

Texas fandom can feel like a watered-down version of Cowboys fandoms made specifically for people who just happen to live in Houston? You can partially blame it on all of the great college teams that suck up the energy.

26. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts had a heyday with Peyton Manning. It remains to be seen if fans will ever recapture that electricity again. Post-retirement Colts fans simply seem to be “existing” until someone exciting comes along again.

25. Carolina Panthers

The revolving door of players hasn’t helped to keep Panthers fans enthusiastic over the past few years. However, it’s not just disappointment over ousted players that keeps Panthers fans from pouncing with enthusiasm. The truth is that it’s hard to keep Carolina fans engaged simply because the ongoing Duke/North Carolina rivalry doesn’t leave lots of energy left over for pro teams.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

Yes, another Los Angeles team is showing up in the bottom half of the list. Fans really haven’t recovered from the Spanos debacle just yet. Overall, you don’t see lots of enthusiasm from actual Angelenos over this team even if the rest of Cali is pretty revved up for the chargers.

23. Detroit Lions

It’s the lack of roar from fans that makes this team so depressing sometimes. However, it’s hard to tell if the fans simply aren’t acting defeated enough when you look at Detroit’s performance lately. While the turnout is pretty decent at Ford Field compared to some of the other teams near the bottom on this list, you can’t help but to notice that raw excitement is missing.

22. Tennessee Titans

Let’s give props to Titan fans for even making it this far. Using simple logic, the spirit should have fizzled much more dramatically for Titans fans. Clinging to a 1999 Super Bowl appearance, these fans take little victories where they can. The recent AFC Championship Game certainly helped to revive fans a bit.

21. Buffalo Bills

Bills fans just can’t shake the cold. Known for their stiff-lipped loyalty, Bills fans have been clinging to a less-than-mediocre team since the 1990s. While Buffalo fans have been known for their rowdy moments in the fast, this fandom has pretty much taken its hands off the horns in recent years.

20. San Francisco 49ers

You can almost blame geography for the lackluster attitude of 49ers fans. Games actually take place 50 miles outside the Golden City at Levi’s Stadium. A recent history of injuries and Super Bowl misses can make that drive seem even longer for fans looking for reasons to stay home.

19. Washington Commanders

Washington fans long for the bright days of the 1980s and 1990s. Most are afraid to be optimistic even if they are clinging to loyalty. While Washington fans are in the bottom half of this list, they get extra points for their ability to hold on.

18. Cincinnati Bengals

The odds are always stacked against building a fierce football fandom when you’re dealing with a true baseball town like Cincinnati. However, the pessimism that permeates Bengals fans goes deeper because the team has failed to win a playoff for roughly 30 years. It’s pretty clear that diehard fans are clinging to those five straight playoff seasons from 2011 to 2015 just to make it through the day.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, there are some rabid jaguar fans. The way the wilder fans balance out the truly indifferent fans is what lands this team near the middle of the list. Jaguars fans honestly just get points for being fun and carefree. While the base is small, you’re dealing with fans without any level of pretense or snobbery.

16. Minnesota Vikings

Viking fans don’t tend to be all that interested in conquering new members. While enthusiastic, Vikes have a tendency to act with a level of aggression that may not always be the best recruiting tool. Yes, the intimidation tactics against the other team sometimes include the beating of war drums from the stand.

15. New England Patriots

You can sometimes get the impression that Pats fans are doing it out of duty instead of passion. It’s almost like they don’t really wake up in the stands until there’s something to be angry about. While they are a mix of angry and indifference when sitting in the stands, Pats fans definitely make sure the team is represented online by being some of the most active football supporters on social media.

14. Denver Broncos

It’s surprising that a city as vibrant as Denver seems to buck the trend of extreme fandom for its own football team. Of course, the fans who do show up in the stands get extra points for braving that Rocky Mountain chill in the air each season. Some even show up wearing nothing but barrels.

13. New York Giants

That Empire State loyalty runs thick with Giants fans. The truth is that Giants fans have high expectations for their team. You can sense the vibe right away from the stands once they realize that it just isn’t happening. While Giants fans are intense, they don’t go rabid. There’s always a certain quiet dignity that stays intact regardless of which extreme the emotions are running toward.

12. Seattle Seahawks

Who doesn’t love a loud crowd? Seattle Seahawks devotees definitely squawk in the stands until everyone at home can hear. In fact, causing a raucous has pretty much become this fandom’s “thing” in recent seasons.

11. Baltimore Ravens

Ravens fans get ruffled by anything other than an incredible defense. It’s hard to miss those fans decked out in purple and black because they show up in strong numbers. You can guess that a lot of the passion fueling Ravens fandom comes from that ongoing rivalry with Steelers fans.

10. New York Jets

“J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!” Yes, they’re still saying it after all these years. It’s pretty incredible to see how tightly Jets fans are hanging on even though the franchise is being what could be called poorly managed. Most younger fans born into the fandom can’t actually remember a time in their lives when this team was soaring.

9. Oakland Raiders

Raiders fans aren’t afraid to go wild. Getting close enough to feel the breeze from the banner in the infamous “Black Hole” section at every game can actually be an intimidating experience. While the Raiders haven’t necessarily been providing the loot in terms of wins, fans are still as passionate as ever.

8. Chicago Bears

Bears fans lack the indifference that is so painful to see among similarly sized markets. Yes, things can get rowdy under the Bears flag. However, there’s a certain sense of innocence and hospitality among fans that makes you feel like you could be one of them.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

Flying in the face of convention, Eagles fans are still aggressively loyal. The aggression is literal. This is one fandom group that’s among the most likely to get in the faces of the fans of opposing teams. Of course, Eagles fans are so notorious for holding their own team to such high standards that they aren’t afraid to send some boos out on the field in their own direction.

6. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys fans fill the seats like it’s the only rodeo in town game after game. While causes for cheering haven’t been excessive in recent years, fans still show up with the intention to soak in every moment with pride. Team spirit continues to get a healthy boost with each passing year simply because transplants are more than eager to adopt the Cowboys as their favorite team as part of an unofficial “welcome to Texas” starter pack.

5. Cleveland Browns

Browns fans aren’t tucking their chins down even though things are what you might describe as lackluster. In fact, some unkind people might call the Browns the most consistently disappointing franchise for the past 20 years. Based on noise and attendance, it doesn’t look like Browns fans ever got the memo. Let’s not forget that this is the fanbase that had a parade to commemorate 2017’s 0-16 season.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium can probably be renamed headache stadium at this point. Yes, the cheers are that loud. Chiefs fans simply love to ramp up the noise like nobody else for reasons that have possibly never been fully explained.

3. Pittsburg Stealers

Comradery is high among Pittsburgh fans. This city loves the Steelers without any sort of close second in sight. While the number of empty seats at Heinz Field can sometimes be a little surprising, there’s never any shortage of those black-and-gold jerseys everywhere from the church to the grocery store when you’re walking through Iron City.

2. New Orleans Saints

No fanbase parties like the Saints fanbase. You hear people chattering about the Saints on barstools, at barbershops, and between Sunday morning gospel sets. Saints jerseys on a typical Sunday afternoon are more abundant than plastic beads on Mardi Gras. In fact, you can pretty much feel the mood of the city rise and fall based on how the team did last Sunday. It’s actually pretty moving to see the way that devotion to the home team is so woven into the fabric of what is already such a culturally rich city.

1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay fans have a legacy of being “extra” that goes back decades. While players like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have given cheeseheads more than enough to celebrate in recent seasons, nobody should forget that these fans stayed loyal through some pretty cheesy seasons. These fans have consistently shown that they will brave any kind of weather at Lambeau Field to cheer on their team.

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